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The Authentic Artist

The Authentic Artist is a three-day workshop for creative artists seeking reinvention, exploration, new challenges, or for those developing new work.  There is now a dedicated Authentic Artist website.  



The Authentic Artist workshop offers a space to explore, to play, to find your next ‘edge’.  A space to connect with other artists in a non-competitive environment, where you can rediscover your own deepest artistry, share your ideas with a small supportive group, try and fail and try again with no pressure to ‘succeed’.  

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 Many have been profoundly affected by the power of the work...some have even got jobs as a result!

The precise content of each workshop varies depending upon the participants and their interests.  However, in all cases Kath will have prepared individual exercises for each person, using techniques drawn from years of practice with a range of extraordinary teachers. Kath will guide with care and sensitivity, helping you to realise and find form for your artistry.  Some of the work may be based on sound and movement improvisations, some on text or song, but participants are welcome to bring writings, poems, music, paintings or any original material to work on. Everyone’s experience is unique.

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Authentic Artist workshops have been running since 2007 and have attracted actors, artistic directors of established theatre and dance companies, classical musicians, musical theatre performers, composers, choreographers, painters, writers, performance poets and emerging artists.

Authentic Artist