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"My strongest memory is finding my own truth in performance ... It reminded me who I was when I first came to practice my craft and what I had lost sight of through repetition and technique."  Sioned Jones (National Theatre actor)


"A subtle and sophisticated approach...As a mature artist I wanted a workshop where I could determine the direction of my exploration in a supportive environment with insightful guidance, and this workshop delivered 100%." Claire Russ (choreographer, founder of the Claire Russ Ensemble)


"Since the workshop I have experienced a real shift in my performances both as a musician in the concerts I have done, and in my teaching. The support and acceptance was what I was lacking and it was here in abundance." Neyire Ashworth (clarinettist)


“I feel a palpable shift in my authenticity… Kath’s style is friendly, human and down to earth while she embraces the roles of guardian, mentor, tutor, director, facilitator, provocateur and more. The pre and post work prepares you for maximum engagement and therefore maximum result. Kath has attended beautifully to the design of the course.” Peta Lily (performer and director)


"The workshop inspired me to become unblocked, while encouraging me to listen to the artist within" Jamie Zubairi (actor and painter)


"I think for the first time in many years, or perhaps ever, I could stand on a stage with a sense of ease and excitement mixed together which allowed my imagination to explore without control or blocking or correction…The work we experienced in this workshop can be life-changing for an artist.  Above all it reveals to the self what is hidden and how much more needs to be revealed to be authentic in one's work….and how important that work is whether it ever reaches an audience or not" Tina Ellen Lee  (Artistic Director, Opera Circus)

“Kath is the consummate team and personal coach. She is brilliant, inspiring, and grounded. She practices what she says, and, for me, most importantly, distinguishes between acting (not appropriate in a business world) and authentic presence (which is!). Kath inspires people to give of themselves and make the best of themselves.”

Gareth Bunn, GBC Consulting


“Kath's workshops are fresh, creative and insightful. She makes empathetic connections with all her participants therefore enabling her to deliver very direct feedback on their impact and presence. Excellent! Quotes: "Very credible - bags of experience" "Excellent - great perception by Kath, excellent advice well given", "The real thing! Great opportunity to work with her"”

Diane Morton, Morton Corporate Consulting for Capgemini


"For the past two years, Kath has guided a group of executives through speaker training in preparation for our annual client conference.  The conference is our showcase event of the year, so we rely on Kath to help us get it right -- and she has delivered!  She uses a combination of warmth, charm, humour, and assertiveness to guide our team and to build our confidence.  Kath has definitely been a key contributor to our conference's success!"

Peter Christmas, Managing Director, Pershing Limited, a BNY Mellon company


“Kath Burlinson is one of the most dynamic leadership trainers we have had at the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program. She put together leadership sessions that were energetic, thought provoking and fun. She has a great ability to work with clientele ranging from students to senior corporate executives, as well as clientele from a range of cultural backgrounds. We highly recommend her.”

Mary Bogan McBride, Global Leadership Program Administrator - Goldman Sachs


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